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Become An Ultimate Coach Capable Of Charging Hundreds Or Even Thousands For One Hour Of Your Time

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The Ultimate Coach is a shortcut to becoming a highly paid, elite level coach who can transform lives through a simple conversation…  

…WITHOUT having to remember an arsenal of complex techniques, strategies, models and more. The approach that changes the clients ENTIRE life - not just an area of it, exceeding their expectations and turning them into enthusiastic advocates who generate referrals on your behalf by telling others about the impact you have had on them!  

It’s a 6 month online training experience with one objective - to empower you with everything you need to be the most confident, effective and successful coach you can be - whether you’ve never coached before and are starting from scratch or whether you already have some coaching experience.  

And one of the many things that makes The Ultimate Coach truly unique is you’re going to learn how to combine the cutting edge 3P coaching approach with a handful of specific NLP and hypnosis techniques in order to become a world class transformational changemaker.  

If you sign up today you get:  

Monthly Training:  

Each month for six months you will receive brand new online video tutorials (including written transcripts and audio versions of the video). This is the core of the Ultimate Coach Program designed to take you from wherever you are - to being an elite level coach in the shortest possible time.  

Each month will provide bite sized, easy-to-digest tutorials that will change you from the inside out just by you sitting down and going through them.  

Here’s a handful of the topics covered each month:  

Month One • Your vision for your ideal life - and how to build your coaching business around that so you fulfil your values and create your dream lifestyle • A series of exercises that will help you to blast past resistance and self doubt • The simple conversation you have with clients that transforms all areas of their life forever • What “grounding” is, how to develop it and why it is crucial in creating changes in your future clients • How to unlearn bad coaching habits that limit your success • And much more!  

Month Two • Your coaching mindset and how this alone can change the lives of those who meet you • The difference between coaching “models” vs the ultimate truth behind human experience • Double loop learning - what it is, why it’s so powerful and how to use it • How to master the fun, fascinating and life changing art of conversational coaching. • And much more.  

Month Three • The difference between listening and LISTENING - and why this will stand you out from other coaches and people helpers • The simple sentence you can say to a client whenever they have a problem -that points them back to where they should be • How to help your client achieve the impossible using transformative insights • The “coffee shop coach” - how to provide a free, no pressure coaching session to PROVE to yourself you can change someones life • And more!  

Month Four • How to build unconscious rapport with your client so they feel completely at ease with you • Leading VS Pacing - what they are, when to use them and why they’re crucial in coaching • When to educate, and when to intervene, using NLP and hypnosis • The power of metaphors in helping your client break free from their problems permanently. • Offering your first paid sessions at a price you are comfortable with. • And more!  

Month Five • Applying conversational coaching to specific industries - health, business, relationships and more. • What to say if the client says “it’s not working” • Specialising in one industry VS being a coach who works with anyone - deciding which route is right for you • Wisdom, experiences and stories from a decade of coaching with positive outcomes and also specific painful examples of what NOT to do with a client • How to get a £5000 web site built for £250 • And more!  

Month Six • The right coaching business structure (and why most coaches are sadly broke) • Pricing like a submarine engineer so that you can be a premium coach charging premium prices • Exactly how to implement the four step process shared in this class so you have an automated marketing machine bringing you in high end clients on demand • How to do “one to many” group coaching, retreats and seminars and make tens of thousands in days • And much, MUCH MORE (including some surprise bonuses!)  

Quite simply, over a short 6 month period, you will develop skills that will last a LIFETIME. Skills that others will LOVE to pay you handsomely for.  

This is designed to take ANYONE, regardless of their current skill level, from newbie to elite coach in a cutting edge coaching process that changes someones entire life.  

If all you did is watch the monthly tutorials - your life would be transformed in six months. But there’s much more…  

Monthly Exercises  

Each month along with the video, audio and written training, you’ll also receive some fun exercises that will accelerate your learning at an even quicker rate. Exercises that will install skills, understandings and behaviors in you that inspire and empower others.  

They are the perfect compliment to the monthly tutorials and will help you understand what is being taught at deeper and deeper levels each month.  

Weekly Live Call (plus 6 months of recorded calls)

Every week I’ve been recording a Facebook Live video for my Ultimate Coaches. I answered any common questions, help them blast past challenges, passed on decades worth of experiences for any situations they encountered and a whole lot more.  

The Facebook Live videos have been exciting way of being mentored by me from the comfort of your own home - without having to pay me my usual £1K an hour fees!  

You get access to 10 of the best Facebook live recordings in order to take both your own personal development, and your coaching business, to exciting new heights, as well as being able to join me every week live.  

Fast Action Bonuses - Free Ticket To Live Event  

Every six months I put end on a live event for everyone in The Ultimate Coach Program - and you get a free ticket to the next one! You will also get a recorded version of the event if you cannot attend. The last event was held in September and it’s fair to say it was one of the most life changing events I have ever done. I won’t give away exactly what it includes but let’s just say that the attendees lives (and those who watched the recordings) were dramatically impacted by what they saw.

 Here’s a picture to show what fun we had on the day with all the Ultimate Coaches:  

Fast Action Bonus 2 - Marketing And Business Training  

I was lucky enough to meet a marketing genius at a mastermind I attended last year. He’s not a well known internet “guru”. I’ve studied all the top marketing guys online and had never heard of him. Yet - he’s a secret weapon multi millionaire entrepreneurs hire when they want to get attention online. He charges £30,000 for his services - and people are happy to pay it!  

I told him what I was doing with The Ultimate Coach - creating a tribe of Changemakers who were going to change lives - and he wanted to contribute! And so he created step-by-step tutorials especially for the program showing you how to stand out from the crowd and get attention for your coaching business. And the beautiful thing about his approach is you won’t have ANY competition. Not from other coaches in the program or any other coaches online or offline. He will show you how to use this method using both free and paid advertising in order to get attention from potential coaching clients and kickstart that referral machine!  

Fast Action Bonus 3 - Web Site And Persuasive Web Copy  

What should you say on your web site to turn visitors into clients? Most coaches have no idea. You will! One of the top copywriters on the planet is going to provide you with step-by-step tutorials and templates that will ensure you communicate the value of your services in an irresistible way  

And let’s make this an even more simple decision with this bonus that’s worth more than the program itself…  

Fast Action Bonus 4 - My Entire Digital Product Range  

I have a suite of digital products on my web site that range from mindfulness trainings to NLP trainings, hypnosis downloads and more. To buy every product I have ever released would cost you £2673 That’s almost 3 times more than the Ultimate Coach Programme.  

If you sign up during this brief window, you get all of them...FOR FREE!  


6 Month Online Training Turning You Into An Elite Level Coach Fun Monthly Exercises To Accelerate Your Understanding Weekly Facebook Lives - 50 HOURS of recordings from my best live coaching with The Ultimate Coach Group Live Transformative Event/Recordings Of Event Marketing Training From A Consultant To Millionaires! Web copy templates and training from a world class copywriter My entire product digital product range (Other secret surprises along the way)

All for just £997 for the next few days only.  

I called this The Ultimate Coach Programme for a reason. it includes EVERYTHING you need to become an elite level transformational expert  

This is an A-Z step-by-step program that you just need to follow and soon you too can be a change maker earning a living changing peoples lives! Because it’s an online training program you can attend anywhere in the world. And once you complete the program you’ll have a coaching business you can run from anywhere too!  

So, if you’re excited by the thought of running the exact same business which allows me to change peoples lives, get paid £1K an hour for it, work from anywhere and leave a lasting legacy behind me...  

Click the order button below and join a growing movement of changemakers across the world who value freedom and developing high paying skills that last a lifetime. Take us for a 30 day test drive and see the value for yourself. I can’t wait to see where you end up...  

In 6 months time you could be a confident, skilled, in-demand coach making your own dreams come true whilst making other peoples dreams come true...  

Or, your life could be as it is now and you could be hearing of all the success stories that come in from those who were brave enough to go after what they wanted and are now reaping the rewards.  

Don’t live a life of “What if’s? or “If only’s”.  

Sign up today and you’ll gain immediate access to all of month one straight away - your exciting new adventure is a mere few minutes away...  

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